Thanks to everyone for their hard work in earning Conquest points over the past week!

Outremer/Sephtiset Awesome job guys!
Bic-Boi How do you do this? Because there are a ton of empty places
Khris An Enormous Congrats to those that made this happen!!

Picture this!

Kamerzin a posted Apr 3, 14
We're hosting another Easter Egg hunt this year.  We're going to have a photo scavenger hunt sometime around Easter.  The specific details will be posted when it starts.  It will be going for multiple days to allow everyone the opportunity to complete it on your own time.  You should plan on participating, there's going to be big prizes awarded!

The Children of Korriban are officially our Imperial sister guild and new home for your empire toons!

Please register on their website HERE.

Members from TFO who join the Children of Korriban will be welcomed the same as any other new member there. You must register on their website and list your Imperial toons to be promoted to acolyte, and can receive the same promotion rules as stated on their promotion page. Only the TFO officers will require a special member note and rank. Several of our officers have joined with them already and can invite so please ask an officer if you want to join.

In TFO their officers, the Darths and Gms, will be promoted to Redeemed Captain. They are able to invite and assign the rank of Recruit or Redeemed Acolyte to new members. Members of the Children of Korriban that join TFO will be given the rank of Redeemed Acolyte.

+10 Datacron Run! September 7th

Xen a posted Aug 27, 13
We are hosting a +10 Datacron run on September 7th, starting at 7:30pm PST. Toons level 45 and up are welcome as well as anyone willing to help out with buttons. Please sign up on the calendar if you plan on attending!
We're planning a special event for Saturday June 8th.  Since Easter is already past, we're throwing a twist on the idea.  We're going to hide some of our officers across the planets the Republic faction can get to and it is up to you find them.  (Of course, if you decide to leave select officers hidden then who are we to argue =P ).  Clues to our locations will be given at the start of the event.  The time of day has not yet been set but it will be on the calendar post when we get it up.  There will be prizes to be given out and a good time all around.  So plan on joining us in mumble to goof off and have some fun.  Remember, if you are not already signed up with mognation to have access to mumble you should do that beforehand.  It's a fast and easy process and members are usually accepted promptly.
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Ooh yea... 3rd in posts still! Whoot whoot lol
Swapped over to another server... dabbled back in a bit (prophecy of 5) I am WAY lost and ended up aquiring 9,000+ cartel coins by having the Authenticator lol
Website doesn't get much attention but there's still a couple of groups running raids each week.
hey how active is everyone on SWTOR are you still hosting raids
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